It’s been another week in data breach news – unfortunately.

A new report shows that one quarter of Canadians had their login credentials stolen from a trusted site. In the United States, we know that internet crimes also happen in every state. That same report also says that 84 percent of respondents would consider taking their business elsewhere after a data breach happened. The stakes are high for businesses, and they are also high for consumers.

The cost of data breaches has increased in recent years, but there are ways to be proactive about prevention. That includes:

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Sept. 25, 2020, update

Microsoft has shared the news that active attacks were leveraging a technology vulnerability.

Microsoft published a number of tweets announcing the problem and reminded the public of the importance of running security updates!

“We’ll continue to monitor developments and update the threat analytics report with latest info. We strongly recommend customers to immediately apply security updates for CVE-2020-1472. Microsoft 365 customers can use threat & vulnerability management data to see patching status.”

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More recent data security headlines:

Aug. 21

Google fixed a major Gmail bug recently that could have easily allowed bad actors to send emails from your account without even being logged into your account.

The Google issue was actually reported months ago and was just fixed after the reporting person published it on the web. It’s a good reminder: Even reported issues to companies may not get fixed right away. When it comes to data breach reporting, Uber’s former security chief was just charged with allegedly trying to conceal a data breach.

Unfortunately anyone can become a phishing scam victim – including Barbara Corcoran, of “Shark Tank” fame. She lost $400,000 in a scam.

Our CEO Andrew Lassise discusses in this podcast tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

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Other data breach headlines for the week:

Aug. 13, 2020, updates

About 100 ransomware claims are submitted to insurances daily, according to ZDNet. Given that it can take up to 120 days from the breach to the attack, that means there’s potential for hackers being in your system already! Today!

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Other headlines this week:

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Aug. 10, 2020, update:

Half way through August, internet crimes are still being reported and really no device seems to be safe anymore. This week’s roundup of internet security news includes:

iPhone apps that snatch your clipboard data

You heard us share the importance of VPNs, and now even VPNs are in the news with a hacker leaking 900 and more enterprise VPN passwords.

The 5 biggest data breaches of the year so far have been, according to Security Boulevard:

Capital One was fined $80 million in the “for careless network security practices that enabled one of the biggest bank security breaches on record.”

Donor records are also under attack with two related breaches in the news:

It’s still summer but holiday scams are just around the corner. Here are 3 common ones that you should be aware of.

Users were advised to reset their passwords after a breach of the Zello app. Resetting your password and using two-factor authentication is always a good idea.

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One issue that may enable data breaches is outdated technology, as IT Pro Portal discusses in this article. Making sure that your hardware and software is up to date can help

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July 31 updates:

We’ve been sending weekly emails with internet security news for weeks and most weeks there is so much news to choose from. That’s unfortunate. Data breaches happen constantly. Personal information is exposed over the internet all the time. This week, we’ve rounded up news worth knowing around internet security for you. Want to make sure your computer is secure? Call us at (888) 965-0171 to get assistance now.  Or send us a message here.

Faxes and phone calls

Our CEO Andrew Lassise shared a podcast on fax security which was a bit of a blast from the past. That was just in time for the Washington Post to report that the Twitter hack we shared a few weeks ago was actually perpetuated by phone.

Reminder: If somebody calls you and wants you to log into accounts or give them access to your computer and you don’t know them, that’s a red flag and can cost you. In the UK, four people were arrested for phone scams targeting tax payers.

The cost of breaches

Internet security attacks can happen on a personal or business level. At the end of the day, people like you are affected when an internet security breach happens. IBM reports that the average breach at companies now costs $4 million and takes 300 days to identify and contain. Three hundred days! That’s why it’s so important to be proactive about your internet security and why we recommend managed services and check-ins with our team. Andrew also shared some tips on how to avoid becoming victim of a phishing scam in his latest podcast.

Security Boulevard by the way reported that the costs associated with data breaches is rising.

More headlines worth sharing

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Data breaches in the marijuana industry

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