Written Information Security Plan (WISP)


The Done-For-You IRS WISP is a customized Written Information Security Plan for tax professionals with a PTIN. This turnkey solution ensures regulatory compliance and protects your clients’ sensitive data, allowing you to focus on your core business responsibilities. Trust our expert team to keep your information security up to date and effective.

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Introducing the Done-For-You IRS WISP: Your Customized Written Information Security Plan for Tax Professionals

As a tax professional with a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number), ensuring the security of your clients’ sensitive financial and personal data is paramount. That’s why we’ve developed the Done-For-You IRS WISP (Written Information Security Plan), a fully customized, comprehensive security plan created specifically for tax preparers like you.

Our Done-For-You IRS WISP is a must-have for all tax preparers with a PTIN, as mandated by the Internal Revenue Service. This plan not only helps you comply with the latest industry best practices and regulatory requirements but also provides you with a ready-to-implement security plan that safeguards your clients’ confidential information.

Key Features of the Done-For-You IRS WISP:

  1. Fully Customized: Our team of experts will create a tailored WISP based on your unique business needs, ensuring your information security program is robust and effective in protecting your clients’ data.
  2. Time-saving Solution: With our Done-For-You IRS WISP, you can focus on your core business responsibilities while our experts handle the complex task of developing and delivering a comprehensive information security plan.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: The Done-For-You IRS WISP is designed to help you achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable regulations, ensuring the highest level of security for your clients’ confidential information.
  4. Ongoing Support: Our expert team will provide ongoing support and updates to your WISP, ensuring that it remains current with the latest security measures and regulatory requirements.
  5. PTIN Certification: Get a one year certification from for a compliant WISP.

Invest in the security of your clients’ data and your peace of mind with our Done-For-You IRS WISP, the ultimate information security solution for tax professionals with a PTIN.